POE Guide - Searing Exarch Boss Battle Guide

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The Atlas Siege expansion pack introduces four new endgame bosses, Searing Exarch, as one of the new "pinnacle" bosses, will bring a huge challenge, and you will get more rewards including Path of Exile Currency for winning the battle. The fight is visually impressive.

The Searing Exarch cycles through 3 abilities in combat. Since every time he casts a skill, there will be a corresponding sound effect, and players can take countermeasures in advance according to the sound effect. The first words the player hears are "Disintegration!" and "Annihilation!" They will walk toward us with a wall of flames. We just need to dodge or jump with Flame Dash.

The ability you need to pay attention to is "Incineration!" When the Searing Exarch yells "Incineration!", run away. Because "Incineration!" will release AOE flames covering 2/3 of the range in a short time, and bypass the block or dodge. Most players will be killed in one hit. Just before the slam lands, a large burning mark will appear, indicating the edge of its range. Get beyond that and you'll be fine.

Searing Exarch Barrage Phase Tips

The bullet hell phase that casts the wall of magma balls is the most terrifying. It's easy to panic and dies here, and at this stage, Maven will float above you and shoot a purple beam, evaporating some fireballs. Watch her shots, then slip through the gaps they create.

The bullet hell phase can occur multiple times during the battle, triggering when the Searing Exarch reaches around 20% health. This trigger phase is more extreme and requires dodging more fireballs. However, a build with enough DPS can kill him before the trigger finishes.

How to access and repeat Searing Exarch boss fights

After defeating the Black Star, you will need to complete a map above level 13 while under the influence of Searing Exarch. By leveling up on a level 16 map with that influence, you'll get an invitation that will lead you to a story version of this battle. Win battles to get the Omniscient Void Stone, which you can put into your atlas to level up all maps.

To use the Archbishop again, simply complete more maps at level 14 or higher while under the influence of the Searing Exarch. 24 maps are required to get another invite. Throw it into your map device for this harder fight anytime. The difficulty keeps rising, Buy POE Orbs and put yourself into battle at your best.

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